Fun with Chinese Knotting Making Your Own Fashion Accessories & Accents

Detailed instructions, clear diagrams and lovely color photographs combine to make craft book Fun with Chinese Knotting both attractive and useful—displaying the many creative uses these decorative knots can have, and the great variety of materials used to make them. This delightful book is sure to be a rich source of inspiration for craftspeople everywhere. The art of Chinese knotting or macrame, has a surprisingly contemporary appeal, author artist Chen focuses on the decorative uses of Chinese knots to create your own personal fashion accessories which include:

  • Hair ornaments
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Brooches
  • Belts
  • Bracelets and anklets
  • Accents that may be added to items of clothing

Chinese knots are attractive and alluring along with being an Asian craft that is relatively easy to learn. Used for a variety of practical and decorative purposes—to record events, to fish and hunt, to wrap and tie items, as ornamental works of art, and even to communicate, Fun with Chinese Knotting will allow readers to create something for anyone.

Editorial Reviews


“If you are a fan of macrame bracelets or creating friendship bracelets, this will be a fun new knotting technique for you to try. Skilled jewelry makers and novices alike will find this informative book appealing.” — blog

“This book was a great resource in the art of Chinese knotwork. From the history of the craft to the diagrams of thread movement and the variety of crafts involved, it is a keeper.” —Bookgirl Knitting: An Eclectic Book Blog

“Chinese knotting, often called Chinese macrame, is a celebrated ancient art form. By joining two silk or cotton cords into intricate patterns, a variety of beautiful shapes are formed. These shapes are the focus of this book which features jewelry, accessories, and even footwear designs! Learn basic knots like Button, Cloverleaf, Good Luck, Round Brocade, and Tassel following figure are drawings that show you each step of the way. You’ll be inspired to add embellishments to clothing, purses, and scarves, as you learn how to manipulate and knot cording.” —Craft Ideas Magazine

“Broken down into several knot types, including Basic Knots, Compound Knots, and Tassel Designs, Fun with Chinese Knotting breaks down Chinese knotting into the most basic steps and outlines them with color illustrations and photos. You can also see a variety of projects to make for each knot and get great ideas on how you can use these knots to create lovely accessories and home decor.” —FaveCrafts blog

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