IELTS Examiner’s Tips An Academic Guide to IELTS Speaking and Writing

IELTS Examiner’s Tips: An Academic Guide to IELTS Speaking and Writing is intended for international students preparing for IELTS. If you’ve taken IELTS a few times already, are going to take IELTS soon, target a score higher than a Band 6, this book is exactly what you need. It brings an experienced examiner’s perspective to the test preparation. It focuses on most frequently asked IELTS questions, the dos and don’ts of the Speaking Room, examiners’ pet peeves, most overused or misused vocabulary, and discourse markers needed for a high score. The textbook explains Writing tasks in depth, and features quotations and knowledge of tenses needed to succeed at IELTS. It provides you with the largest bank of real Speaking exam topics as well as IELTS assessment criteria, all explained in an approachable way. This textbook contains 114 topics for Speaking Part 1 with over 1000 questions your examiners might ask. You will be able to practice over 150 topics for Part 2 with 3200 native level words and phrases to boost your score, and over 3600 real questions for Part 3. Don’t miss out on this title! It’s a must before your exam!

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