Focus Cycle:A guide to controlling your mind and body in Big Moments

Butterflies in your stomach. Thinking about the last shot, game, or presentation. Worrying about letting down teammates or coaches. Wondering, “do I really have what it takes?” Just hoping you will be ready when your time comes isn’t good enough. You need a plan to make sure of it.

Right now, you aren’t paying attention to what the bottom of your feet feel like. Your brain doesn’t think it’s important. Most of the time this automatic filter helps keep you safe, but no elite athlete has ever won a championship simply “playing it safe.” What if you could train, improve, and ultimately fine-tune your brain’s automatic reactions to stressful situations to help you perform at a higher level? This book will serve as a guide to help you develop a customized plan to control your mind and body in Big Moments.

In 1999 I coached my first little league baseball team, and it was the first time I coached confidence into players. Admittedly, I was just trying to win more games at the time, but it began a 20+ year journey into helping individuals perform at their best when it matters the most. As a high school coach, I have worked with countless athletes who needed a little extra help in the mental side of their game. In 2013, our team was blown out in a state championship game. After talking with players who had been great for us all year but weren’t ready for that stage, I realized our entire team needed tools and skills to perform in Big Moments.

We brought in experts. We hired sports psychologists. We went to clinics and dove into our own research that offseason. But we still needed something that each of our players could implement to address their individual struggles. It was then that the Focus Cycle was born.

The Focus Cycle is a framework that fits any age and any situation. Individuals have implemented these skills and tools in state championships, national championships, and even the aftermath of car accidents where clear thinking and quick decisions were critical. This framework has been used in little league diamonds, professional sports arenas, board rooms across the country, and everywhere in between.

No matter where you find yourself needing to think, act, or perform at your best, the Focus Cycle can help! Purchase your copy today or reach out to us at for information about large quantity purchases for your team, department, or company.

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